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I don't bother reporting most spam anymore. Those that are hosting spammers usually know they are, turn a blind eye, ignore the complaints, and reap the financial benefits -- and the financial benefits are there if you run the numbers. Send a million spams, get a 0.5% response rate from the suckers, say you get $10 from each, that's a tidy income of $50 000 for not much more effort than it takes to forward a joke to ten friends. Do that a few times, get a better response rate, fleece the suckers of more money, and who really needs to have an honest job for a living as long as there's a "sucker born every minute"?

But occasionally I get some spam that is too good to ignore (the irony is too rich, the spammer is actually not even trying to hide, etc.), so I report it in case someone will listen and I've started putting the worthwhile ones up here because it gives me something to do when I receive them other than the horribly passive act of just deleting them. I'm not going to bother posting the fly-by-night pharmacy, replica-watch, and penis-/breast-enlargement spam. Who cares about that? Here I plan to put spam from companies that really ought to know better, or companies that don't seem to be fly-by-night but I hope that putting their spam here will serve as a public service and warning. I leave most of the links intact (adding a little extra parameter) so that maybe I'll get their attention and piss them off. :)

What pisses me off though is that, in addition to the hosting companies that seem to turn a blind eye to spammers, there are the various other providers who simply don't even entertain the thought that perhaps they could do something to stop spam, or at least stop supporting spammers. For example, if is owned by a spammer, why doesn't the registrar that registered suspend the domain? They don't. Instead they allow the spammers, on the odd occasion they are shut down by a host, to continue using the domain by pointing it to a new host. And then there are support companies like certification authorities that sell SSL certificates to spammers, but they don't revoke said certificates when they find out the they are being used by spammers. Spam is not about some other guy doing something about it; it's everyone's business.

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