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Here's something interesting. One of the ironies of all the rules you read about how not to get spam is that I receive very little spam, if any, from the people to whom I give my email address for subscriptions or various other reasons. Part of this may be because I often use rotating/disposable email addresses from, but I do still give a "real" email address to a number of companies and people.

If I intend to have a long-term relationship with someone -- e.g., a supplier of some sort -- I will create an email address specifically for them in the form of supplier@mydomain. There are a number of reasons for this, not the least of which are filtering incoming email, ensuring that the supplier always has a valid email address for me even if my personal email address changes, and shutting off the address when the relationship ends or if the supplier starts spamming me. To date I have never had to shut off an address because a supplier has started spamming me or because they sold my address.

However, in March 2007 I started noticing (in the logs for my mail server) that someone was trying to deliver messages to a supplier address that had been cancelled about four years previously. In 2003, after a lengthy period of extremely bad service and official indifference from Interland (now, I finally cancelled my accounts with them and extracted (after promising to make my case known far and wide, and a lengthy trans-Atlantic telephone call) a small refund that was more based on the principle than the paltry amount of money involved.

Lo and behold, four years later I am receiving spam at the address that was set up only for Interland to use. Nobody else on the planet (or off of it, for that matter, to the best of my knowledge!) knew about this address -- nobody! Not only that, but the address is on a sub-domain, so there's almost a zero per cent chance (and the mail-server logs back this up) that this is just a dictionary attack, albeit with some strange words in its dictionary. This is one of the other features of such an address; if it starts receiving spam, then I know exactly which unscrupulous scum bag is sending it or which unscrupulous scum bag sold my address to other unscrupulous scum bags. As far as Interland/ are concerned, this shouldn't come as a surprise to me. (One can only imagine what happened to my old credit-card number.)

So beware! If you do business with Interland/, your email address will one day be spammed! You have been warned!

I only left this email address open for a few days to collect some spam, and then shut it off again. I don't need any more spam than I'm already getting without willingly subjecting myself to more!

January 2009 update: The spam from Interland/ continues to roll in, despite the fact that email to this address has been bouncing for over half a decade! But they've switched from offering me mortgages to helping me with my... ahem... erectile dysfunction problem.

Refresh to ensure you are looking at the latest list. The number of the file is the date the spam was sent (in the YYYYMMDD format), with spams sent on the same day having a number following the date denoting the order in which they were received. The description is the (often truncated) subject of the received message.

Icon  Name                    Description
[DIR] Parent Directory [TXT] 20090123.txt RECOVERY: 613320 is OK [TXT] 20090122_3.txt RE: Administrator [TXT] 20090122_2.txt Administrator, BRANDKEYWORD [TXT] 20090122_1.txt RE: Administrator [TXT] 20090120.txt Re: Getting the best results [TXT] 20070417.txt Your Mortgage Refinance Quote 939 [TXT] 20070416_6.txt Fwd: Mortgage Rates Have Never Been Lower - 70 [TXT] 20070416_5.txt Looking for a Mortgage? [TXT] 20070416_4.txt Your Refinace Approval (2007 Lowest: 25 Y.Fixed - 4.27 %) [TXT] 20070416_3.txt Your Refinace Pre_Approval (2007 Lowest: 25 Y.Fixed - 4.27 %) [TXT] 20070416_2.txt Re: Your Mortgage offers. - 413 [TXT] 20070416_1.txt Mortgage Loans From Home [TXT] 20070415_2.txt Re. Your Mortgage Approval (2007 Lowest: 25 Y.Fixed - 4.20 %) [TXT] 20070415_1.txt Re. Your Refinace Pre_Approval (2007 Lowest: 25 Y.Fixed - 4.26 %) [TXT] 20070414_2.txt Re: Your Refinace Approval (2007 Lowest: 25 Y.Fixed - 4.23 %) [TXT] 20070414_1.txt Fwd: Your Refinace Pre_Approval (2007 Lowest: 25 Y.Fixed - 4.23 %)

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